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Welcome to our site dedicated to our Bee related activities.

After what was probably one of the most difficult seasons ever for Beekeepers in 2012, with seemingly endless rain, disturbed hive life cycles, unmated Queens and massively reduced yields, let’s hope that 2013 will bring us strong colonies, fantastic nectar flows and no swarming problems!

Well, I suppose we can always dream!!!

We are already looking forward to seeing many of you at the events we will be attending throughout the year and remember if you are organising an event, please let us know and if we can attend or assist in any way, we’d be delighted – we have learned over the years that you all do things a little differently and we love the chance to talk with you and share our own thoughts and ideas.

New for 2013

More stock for faster delivery in season!

Online shopping facilities which will allow you to order and pay for your goods at whatever time of day or night you are surfing, without needing to speak to us!

More space at our showroom in Essex where we would be delighted to arrange to show you our most popular equipment.

Some new local Stockists, where you can pick up items during the busy season without having to wait for the post! (and we are always looking for more!)

We have also added Oxuvar (liquid oxalic acid treatment) and Oxalic acid crystals for use with the Varrox vaporisers together a quality reliable source of Formic acid for use with our FAM and Liebig dispensers.
We have also added details about the work we have been doing over the last 3 years with an exciting Pollination Enhancement product called Pollinus.

Our own dedicated delivery vehicle

(known by my kids as “The Bee Bus!”


New products to make application of Formic and Oxalic acid treatments – accurate, safe and easy to use!

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